Daily Prompts

I’m really going to miss the one-word daily prompts from the Daily Post, so I’ve decided to start my own daily one-word prompts using this handy random word generator for anyone who might be interested. I’ll post them along with my six-word stories, and anyone who would like to use the prompt can feel free to link back to the post so that everyone can see what others have posted. I will post the first one today, and I will try to continue posting one each morning. There are so many terrific blogs on here, and I hope these prompts can help with inspiration.

I’m also hoping to expand some of those six-word stories into longer stories in the future.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog!

One thought on “Daily Prompts

  1. I love your write ups.This post has been particularly helpful.Absence of daily word prompt created a vacuum suddenly.Whether I responded to it daily or not but I always looked forward for it.
    Random word generator is like a breather.Thankyou for the great information.I had no idea about it.
    Looking forward to more wonderful writings from you.


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