Showing Up

I’ve just been reading about the importance of just showing up to write each day. I once bought a poster that said “The procrastination support group meeting has been postponed.” I’ve had a problem with procrastinating for as long as I can remember. I recently made a plan to get up and write in the morning, and I did it for a couple of days, but then I started hitting the snooze button instead and just figured I would write in the evening. However, once I got home from work and my commute, I somehow never sit down to write. And then it’s time for bed.

So, I will try it again tomorrow. I have scheduled writing as an event on my phone, and I will set my alarm earlier. I will actually get up on time, and I will show up to write. Then, I will write about how I wrote this week (or how I didn’t write, but I’m going to write, so I won’t need to write about how I didn’t write, right?). So, here’s to a good week of writing!

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